Kings fan from Bahamas

The following is a blog written by Perez A. Burrows.

According to his Twitter account: “Born and raised on an island called Grand Bahama- The Bahamas. Die hard Sacramento Kings Fan!”

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“This past weekend was amazing in my eyes as a long time Sacramento Kings fan! I was given a birthday surprise by my girlfriend Melanise for us to travel from The Bahamas to Sacramento to watch my favorite team. It took me about 16 hours in total to arrive to Sacramento (two US connecting flights). Nonetheless, we arrived safely and began what we already knew was going to be an epic trip! The people of Sacramento are truly genuinely nice people — and to our surprise very knowledgeable about The Bahamas.

After the final game of the season, Melanise and I stayed back to witness such dedication from the fans. This wasn’t new to me because I had watched the emotional broadcast of the final game last season from Grant and Jerry at home; so I knew within myself that this time would probably be similar. As I write I can still hear the song “Sweet Caroline” being sung from what seemed to be thousands still in attendance.

The lights in the arena were turned off thus giving the cue that okay it’s really time to leave. Melanise and I walked to the outside to take a quick picture at the Golden 6 sign. There we met the couple Greg and Sheena Boehl with their beautiful two daughters taking a family picture. They were just about done so we went next to take our picture but, Greg volunteered to take the picture for us. Afterwards, I overheard him talking on his phone about what he wanted to talk about on his sports show SportsTalk916. When he was done, I said to him that you know what would be a good story, the story of how a young couple flew all the way from The Bahamas just to watch the Sacramento Kings play.

Greg was in such disbelief! Things immediately started to snowball for Melanise and I! Greg walked us over to the Playing To Win RV where we met notables like Carmichael Dave and Jason Ross. I even got a chance to sign the RV with “242 Bahamas Perez & Mel”. Things got so surreal; I was even given the opportunity for a short interview on Fox40 all because of Greg Boehl.

This trip was incredible and has been THE greatest birthday gift ever! Just one day before I left, I had the esteemed pleasure of meeting Mike Tavares from Crown Downtown who along with Greg delivered two of the CrownDownTown t-shirts for myself and Melanise.

I just want to thank each of you who made my trip to Sacramento a success and a joyous one! Thanks to Section 114 Row T at the Sleep Train Arena for welcoming me to my first ever NBA and by extension Kings game! It surely was a great experience and I’ll definitely be back because MY Kings aren’t going anywhere!”